On Tuesday, November 10th, the second meeting of the California Air Resources Board’s Truck Regulations Advisory Committee (TRAC) and its designated subcommittees will be held. The main TRAC meeting will be held from 3-5 PM PST in the Sierra Hearing Room at the CALEPA Building in Sacramento, CA and webcast.

For webcast information, please visit http://www.calepa.ca.gov/broadcast/?BDO=1.

The agendas of the day’s event can be found by clicking here or by visiting the TRAC website.

Background on the TRAC:

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) created the Truck Regulations Advisory Committee (TRAC) as part of its implementation of the Truck and Bus regulation and the Heavy-Duty Diesel Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction regulation.  TRAC was formed to assist CARD in facilitating communication with stakeholders and to obtain stakeholder feedback on the implementation tools used for these regulations. According to CARB, The goals of TRAC is to help CARB staff fine tune its outreach, training, and implementation materials and provide a mechanism for stakeholders to discuss other implementation issues.