The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has issued an advisory (Marine Notice 2009-1) regarding implementation of an upcoming  regulation on fuel sulfur and other operational requirements for ocean going vessels. The purpose of the advisory is to notify owners and operators of ocean-going vessels of a new regulation adopted by CARB that requires the use of marine distillate fuels.

The fuel requirements in the proposed regulation are summarized in the table below. These fuel requirements apply to ocean-going vessel main (propulsion) diesel engines, auxiliary diesel engines, and auxiliary boilers when operating within the 24 nautical mile regulatory zone off the California Coastline.

Fuel Requirements for Ocean-going Vessel Main (propulsion) Diesel Engines, Auxiliary Diesel Engines, and Auxiliary Boilers

Fuel Requirements Effective Date Fuel
Phase I July 1, 2009* Marine gas oil (DMA) at or below 1.5% sulfur; or Marine Diesel oil (DMB) at or below 0.5% sulfur
Phase II January 1, 2012 Marine gas oil (DMA) or Marine diesel oil (DMB) at or below 0.1% sulfur

*All initial effective dates have been administratively aligned to begin July 1, 2009

Currently, CARB is giving the regulation its final administrative review.  CARB expects approve the regulation to become legally effective late in June, with compliance with the new requirements by vessels beginning on July 1, 2009. A second advisory (Marine Notice 2009-2) will be issued shortly that will provide additional detail on the regulation.

Marine Notice 2009-1 is available at the following:

Other information for marine vessel programs is available on CARB’s website: